Obama still Arab-American’s favorite candidate

Barack Obama with Edward SaidEven though Ali Abunimah's article, How Obama Learned to Love Israel, was widely circulated among Arab-Americans, Barack Obama is still the most popular Democratic Presidential candidate among Arab-Americans according to a new Zogby poll released this week.

Is it apathy?

The 37th Congressional District special election just ended with Democrat Laura Richardson on the top spot with less than %40 of the vote. There will be a run-off election between the top candidates because none were able to get %50.Peter Mathews, another Democrat, was the only candidate that made an effort to reach out to … Continue reading Is it apathy?

Yacoubian Building

Homosexuality, government corruption, prostitution, adultery, and religious extremism are all the subject of a film with the highest budget in the history of the Egyptian cinema. With $3 million, director Marwan Hamed was able to spark controversy and create a box-office record breaker.The Arab Film Festival, the UCLA Center for Near Eastern Studies, and the … Continue reading Yacoubian Building

Learning from Janet Nguyen’s Close Victory

From The Independent Monitor (April 2007)The Vietnamese American community in Orange County flexed its muscles and demonstrated its political clout by electing Janet Nguyen in an unprecedented race for the a County Supervisor seat in the first district that includes Santa Ana, Westminister, and Garden Grove.It did not matter that the GOP- backed Santa Ana … Continue reading Learning from Janet Nguyen’s Close Victory