Saudi women demand the right to drive

By Rashad Al-Dabbagh The Independent Monitor On Sunday, September 23rd, Rana Jarbou and some 1,100 other women submitted a petition to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, demanding that women be given the right to drive, citing the lack of any religious reasoning against it. The petition was submitted […]

Finding the "Lobby"

I was at Borders earlier today, or yesterday since it’s past midnight, looking for Mearsheimer and Walt’s new book, The Israel Lobby. The book exposes the efforts of this loose coalition of pro-Israel groups, individuals, and institutions known as “The Israel Lobby” in shaping our nation’s foreign policy […]

Egyptians have more fun than Americans

Interesting story appeared today in the LA Times about an African-American Muslim’s trip to Cairo, Egypt. Click to view article Here’s my favorite part: He was surprised by Cairo’s nightlife, which stretched until the dawn call-to-prayers. He chuckled at scenes of women in colorful Islamic head scarves cuddling […]

ADL flip flops on Armenian genocide

ADL national director Abe Foxman For The Independent Monitor Dubbed by its critics as the “apartheid defense league” for its staunch support of Israel’s bigoted policies in Occupied Palestine, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) bowed to heavy criticism from Armenian-Americans and some Jewish groups. ADL Chairman Abe Foxman “revisited” […]