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Is it apathy?

The 37th Congressional District special election just ended with Democrat Laura Richardson on the top spot with less than %40 of the vote. There will be a run-off election between the top candidates because none were able to get %50.Peter Mathews, another Democrat, was the only candidate that […]

Yacoubian Building

Homosexuality, government corruption, prostitution, adultery, and religious extremism are all the subject of a film with the highest budget in the history of the Egyptian cinema. With $3 million, director Marwan Hamed was able to spark controversy and create a box-office record breaker. The Arab Film Festival, the […]

"We’re fighting for freedom"

I love letter-writer Marc Toone: Some of our soldiers are referring to their piece of the Iraq conflict as an Alamo-like situation. It is ironic (and little known) that the Alamo was a fight for the right of European American citizens to own and use slaves in Mexican […]