TAKE ACTION: Stand with UCLA’s Students for Justice in Palestine

unnamed-2To community members, ally organizations and anyone interesting in helping National SJP in our time of need, here are some things you can do: 

1. Due to the recent legal battle with UCLA, ENORMOUS backlash we have received and attempts to cancel the conference- we need support. Email the Chancellor’s Office voicing your support for NSJP and shutting down false claims that NSJP will propagate hate and antisemitism: chancellor@ucla.eduCall the Chancellor’s Office and ask to leave a public comment voicing your support: (310) 825-2151
2. Write a letter of support for NSJP and the conference and make sure to include the following points:
* NSJP is facing an all-time high of backlash + legal battles + suppression.
* There have been many false accusations about hate/ bigotry/ antisemitism in our group which are unfounded and our mission is geared towards Palestine organizing. supporting all oppressed peoples and standing up against bigotry of all forms with tangible solidarity.
* Palestine is NOT the exception to free speech. UCLA should NOT censor NSJP and SHOULD hold the conference which advocates for Palestinian rights.
* The recent backlash we have faced is clearly racist and exclusionary to advocacy on Palestine.
Post the letter on your facebook pages and send it to nationalsjp@gmail.com and we will share! 
3. Due to the Trump Administration cutting all aid to Palestine, inadvertently we have been hit by a big funding cutas well. As of now, we need help staying afloat.
Donate and/or share widely the donation link with your members, email lists, family members and friends: https://www.nationalsjp.org/donate.html
4. Alert us about potential funding sources, grants and organizations we can reach out to for assistance with our finances. Email us at nsjp.ff@gmail.com with funding options. 
5. If you are a part of a national or local organization- MAKE AN ACTION ALERT FOR YOUR MEMBERS TO DO ALL OF THE ABOVE! We need momentum! 
6. If you can offer ANY OTHER FORM OF SUPPORT– please email us at nationalsjp@gmail.com.
In Solidarity always,
National Students for Justice in Palestine.

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