Arab American Andre Sayegh elected Mayor of Paterson, NJ

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) congratulates Mayor-Elect Andre Sayegh on his victory in Paterson, New Jersey’s mayoral contest. Beating out six other contestants, Sayegh became Paterson’s first Arab American Mayor. Sayegh, who is of Lebanese-Syrian descent, rallied Paterson’s diverse population to score almost double the percentage of his nearest rival.

Sayegh, whose campaign slogan was “One Paterson”, is being praised for his ability to reach out to community leaders and bridge the ethnic divides and cultural disputes that have long plagued the city. Arabs have been residing in Paterson since the late 1800’s making it one of the oldest Arab American communities in the country. ADC applauds Sayegh’s win as marking a shift in the city’s political make-up. ADC hopes that successes like Sayegh’s win will soon be reflected in other cities, towns, and municipalities where large Arab communities are present but underrepresented in local politics. ADC wishes Sayegh continued success and hopes to see more Arab-American political leaders seize on Sayegh’s example to unify their communities for greater progress and prosperity.

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