Yalla America… Coming soon to OC Talk Radio


This announcement was made by Raad Ghantous, host of the Raad Life Show, via Yalla America Radio’s Facebook page. Click here to follow the page.

YALLA……is a common expression in denoting “come on”, “let’s get going”, and mostly meaning “hurry up”. Originally in the Arabic language, it has also been adopted by Persian, and Hebrew.

YALLA America Radio will strive to showcase Arab American success stories once a month on the 2nd Friday of the month at 2PM (P.S.T.) by bringing you guests that exemplify Arab Americans ON THE GO!

People driven to excel and passionately partaking in the American Dream. Movers and shakers that are engaged in their communities and industriously adding to the diverse fabric of this country we love!

Business leaders, community organizers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, civil servants, care providers and on and on….

So Yalla! we hope you will join YALLA America Radio hosts Raad Ghantous & Antoinette Naddour Balta starting in February on every 2nd Friday of the month LIVE as he welcomes his guests to our show broadcasting live on OCTalkRadio.net.

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