Ultra-Zionist ousted from Democratic Party committee

Following offensive social media comments by California Democratic Party Credentials Committee Co-Chair Neal Zaslavsky, CDP Chairman Eric Bauman released the following statement:

“As we made clear last week, we must hold ourselves accountable when it comes to ensuring that our California Democratic Party is a place where everyone can participate and contribute their time, energy and activism free from harassment and intimidation. I take this commitment very seriously. To that end I have asked for and received Neal Zaslavsky’s immediate resignation from the Credentials Committee for comments he made directed towards a fellow member of the DSCC on social media. 

Our California Democratic Party will always have passionate debates on issues, but those debates must always come from a place of mutual respect and honest debate, and it’s up to all of us to hold each other accountable to those standards.”

Arab American Caucus chair and CDP E-Board Member Iyad Afalqa expressed his dissatisfaction regarding DNC Chair Tom Perez’s purge ousting several DNC Executive Committee members including longtime member and Arab American Institute president Dr. James Zogby.  In a Facebook post, Afalqa stated,

Tom Perez alienation of Dr. James Zogby from DNC Executive Board is a clear message to the Arab Americans and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders supporters: We don’t need you on board. But we need your $$$ and #Votes. First, the Democratic Party undermined Keith Ellison, because Haim Saban threatened to cut the funding to DNC if Keith is elected the chair of DNC. Now Dr. James Zogby.
#AIPACPandering. When the DNC Headquarters is moving to Tel Aviv?

In response, Zaslavsky replied:

What kind of fucking anti-Semitic comment is that? Move the fucking headquarters to Tel Aviv. Go fuck yourself you Jew-hating bastard. Fuck you and your anti-semitism. People like you are the reason we don’t peace.

Iyad then mentioned that his father’s – who was recently attacked in the occupied East Jerusalem suburb of Beit Surik – “blood is on your hands,” Zaslavsky said:

Get off your fucking high horse you Jew-hating bastard. Your “Tel Aviv” comment was beyond the pale, and rather than apologize, you double down. And for the record, the capital of Israel 🇮🇱 was, is, and always will be Jerusalem, whether or not your people are holding hostage our Temple Mount.

And if your Dad’s blood has been spilled, it joins in the pool of blood of the tens of thousands of innocent Israelis and others who have been murdered by your terrorist suicide bombers.

On October 4, Israeli Army Forces Special Unit who were disguised in civilian clothes pistol-whipped the elderly 69 year old Mustafa Afalqa him with a 5-stitches wound by the right eye, face and bruises in other areas of his body. Read the full story of Iyad’s father here.


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