Why I am not voting for Bauman for CDP Chair

I received messages from Eric Bauman‘s campaign for the California Democratic Party chair race asking whether I’d support him this weekend. While Eric’s positions on most issues are commendable, his stance on BDS is troubling.
Eric attended the Arab American Caucus meeting in Long Beach last year when one of the issues addressed was the anti-free speech anti-BDS bill in the California Assembly. The bill was designed to crackdown on activist who engage in a nonviolent form of resistance – boycotting companies that benefit from a violent military occupation and an apartheid system.
Read about the anti-BDS bill here.
When Eric was given the opportunity to speak, although he spoke against discrimination against Arabs and Muslims, he told a room full of Arab Americans that he stands against BDS, the nonviolent movement against the longest colonial-settler military occupation in recent history.
That’s like going to the African American Caucus and saying #BlackLivesMatter is an illegitimate movement, or to the LGBT Caucus and saying you’re against marriage equality and expecting support, or attending the Native American Caucus and expressing your support for the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, or the telling the Latino Caucus members that we must build a wall!!
Thanks, but no thanks, I will not vote for Eric.

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