Senator Newman’s Resolution to Honor Arab American Heritage Month in California Passes Senate

Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 42 passed the California State Senate today with unanimous support. SCR 42 commemorates the month of April as “Arab American Heritage Month” in California, and recognizes the important contributions of Arab Americans to our state.

“SCR 42 is part of a broader effort toward creating awareness and paying respect to the approximately 800,000 Arab American Californians, while celebrating their achievements and highlighting their commitment and contributions to a peaceful and diverse society, by recognizing the month of April as Arab American Heritage Month,” said the resolution’s author, Senator Josh Newman.
For well over a century, Arab Americans have been making valuable contributions to virtually every aspect of American society, to include leadership and groundbreaking contributions in medicine, law, business, technology, government, and culture.
Senate District 29, which Newman represents, has the highest concentration of Arab Americans in the state, in a region called “Little Arabia”. The State of California boasts the largest population of Arab Americans in the Country, with a population of approximately 800,000.
Senator Josh Newman represents the 29th Senate District, which includes cities across Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino Counties.

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