Democratic Party of Orange County passes resolution to oppose immigration ban

The Democratic Party of Orange County Central Committee passed a resolution on Monday, February 27, 2017.


WHEREAS, On Holocaust Remembrance Day, President Trump issued an Executive Order that would suspend refugee programs and bar refugees from seven (7) Muslim majority countries from entering the United States, directly threatening the lives of thousands of people who desperately need sanctuary in this country, and

WHEREAS, After a long and shameful US history of barring immigrants based on where they came from, starting in the late 19th century with laws excluding all Chinese, almost all Japanese and eventually all Asians in the so-called “Asiatic Barred Zone” as well as the 1924 implementation of a comprehensive “national-origins system,” skewing immigration quotas to benefit Western Europeans and excluding most Eastern Europeans, almost all Asians and Africans, Congress banned and President Johnson signed legislation stating plainly that no person could be “discriminated against in the issuance of an immigrant visa because of the person’s race, sex, nationality, place of birth or place of residence, and

WHEREAS, This illegal travel ban runs counter to the best traditions of the United States of accepting and absorbing immigrants as well as international human rights law which was adopted in response to the Holocaust.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That the DPOC does hereby strongly condemn the Trump Immigration Ban, and herby calls on all national, state and local Democratic officeholders and the political entities they represent to publicly oppose and work to overturn this measure, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That the DPOC does hereby call for an immediate end to the racist policies of the Trump Administration that have given rise to recent ICE raids and deportations and which threaten humanitarian policies such as DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and hereby urges Congress to immediately pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform which will protect and respect the rights of all marginalized immigrant communities.

Respectfully submitted: Author: Jeff LeTourneau DPOC Northern Vice-Chair Resolutions Committee Vice-Chair

Special thanks and acknowledgement to The New York Times and American Jewish World Service for contributing content.

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