CSUF removes map of Syria off exhibition (about Syria) for not specifying Israel on it

[UPDATE: on December 9 it was announced by ‘A Country Called Syria’ that the map has made it back in the forefront of the exhibition].

According to ‘A Country Called Syria’ co-founder and exhibit organizer Dania Alkhouli, the Dean at CSUF Library has been hounded by massive complaints regarding our exhibition’s banner because of its map and its lack of specification of Israel. The map beneath their logo on the banner, the land identified as Palestine and Israel barely shows. The graphic designer selected this map because of its fit for the sizing and printing to enable them to produce a cost effective banner—not to “erase Israel off the map.”

Without their consent or warning, the banner was stripped out of our exhibit exactly 14 days prior to closure. This means guests will no longer know the name of the organization, contact information or social media outlets.

A Country Called Syria is a nonpartisan organization dedicated purely to educating on SYRIA and its history, culture and valuable contributions to the world, as well as the humanitarian crisis it is currently crumbling beneath.

With all that, there are individuals on campus still concerned with whether or not the barely visible tip of ONE country is labeled, as opposed to everything else necessary to fixate upon? So much so that the campus staff and administrators felt fearful enough to tear down an essential piece of the exhibition.

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