TAKE ACTION: Stop AB 2844 anti-BDS bill in California!!

Please forward to your lists!

Please take action to stop 
AB 2844This state bill attacks efforts to end Israel’s occupation and violations of human rights by penalizing companies that are identified as observing a boycott of Israel — a violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution.

1) This Wednesday, April 13attend the Accountability and Administrative Review Committee hearing on the bill, starting at 9 a.m., room 437 of the Capitol. (AB 2844 could come up first, or it could be later.) We will have two or three main speakers. All others who want will be able to state briefly their name, affiliation and opposition; the more the better — to show legislators how many of us care.
2) If AB 2844 passes at this first hearing, it will be considered by the Judiciary Committee April 19. Save the date.
3)  Please send an email now to the members of the first committee telling them to vote against AB 2844 and to enter your opposition as part of the public record. Here are their emails; you can copy and paste them individually (best if you have the time) or all at once into one message; followed by their cc’s to their legislative directors (in the same order).
Accountability and Administrative Review:
Legislative directors:

Sample message:
Dear Members of the Assembly Committee on Accountability and Administrative Review:
     I call on you and your committee to oppose AB 2844, an unconstitutional attack on free speech with provisions that would be impossible to implement in any rational manner.
     Whether or not one agrees with any particular boycott or divestment campaign aimed at pressing Israel to end its occupation, obey international law and respect Palestinian human rights, participation in such activities, in response to a call from Palestinians using nonviolent methods to secure their freedom, is a legitimate form of expression, protected by the U.S. and state constitutions. The state must not deny financial relationships to people or organizations on account of their political views.
     California can lead the way in stopping a wave of such illegal legislation around the country. I look forward to hearing your commitment to oppose AB 2844 or anything like it.
     Please register my opposition to this bill as part of the public record.
4) Email your own Assembly member and tell her or him to speak out now against AB 2844. Here are emails for some LA/OC area Assembly members; if yours isn’t on the list or you aren’t sure who it is, click here.

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon 
Assemblymember Richard Bloom assemblymember.bloom@assembly.ca.gov 
Assemblymember Matt Dababneh assemblymember.dababneh@assembly.ca.gov
Assemblymember Tom Daly assemblymember.daly@assembly.ca.gov
Assemblymember Young Kim  assemblymember.kim@assembly.ca.gov 
Assemblymember Travis Allen assemblymember.allen@assembly.ca.gov
Assemblymember Ling Ling Chang Assemblymember.Chang@assembly.ca.gov
Assemblymember Don Wagner assemblymember.wagner@assembly.ca.gov 
5) Share the above information!
Remember California Assembly Bills 1551 and 1552? Introduced in January, they would have barred state pension fund investment in and state/local government contracting with companies, churches, unions, etc. that were thought to be engaged in boycott of Israel, in some form.

Many of you helped kill these bills by telling legislators that they were an unconstitutional infringement on political speech, were impossibly vague and had a hidden agenda of legitimizing illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The bills languished in limbo until last week, but after a complex set of parliamentary maneuvers, they have reemerged with a new name and number: AB 2844. It was hastily assigned to two committees: Accountability and Administrative Review will hear it Wed., April 13. If it passes there, Judiciary will consider it April 19.
AB 2844 is narrower in scope and some ways less extreme (e.g. it applies only to for-profit corporations), but it is still unconstitutionally violates free speech and remains loaded with vagueness and arbitrariness.
Either of these committees can kill AB 2844, and with your encouragement, they will.
Thanks! Together we’ll stop AB 2844.

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