CDP’s Arab Caucus encourages the US to resettle Syrian refugees

In a statement by the chairman of the California Democratic Party’s Arab American Caucus Murad Sarama said regarding Syria’s refugee crisis:

“A recent photo of a three-year-old Syrian refugee, washed up to the shores of Turkey, has collectively broken the global communities heart, reminding the world of the plight of the Syrian community.

“As the Chair of the Arab American Caucus, and on behalf of Arab Americans nationwide, I am deeply saddened by the events occurring in Syria and the harsh realities they face, where death has become a part of their daily lives. The toddler; carefully dressed and with his shoes laced up, reminds us of our favorite part of the day: getting our own children ready for school every day. Yet this young refugee faced a much different reality than our own, here in the USA. This reality has reinvigorated myself; the members of our caucus and the Arab American community at large to take action in light of this human rights disaster.”


1) Call your congressional representative to help stop the war in Syria now.

2) Encourage the US to resettle Syrian refugees in the United States:

3) Donate to a charity or volunteer with an organization that supports Syrian refugees.
– NuDay Syria:
– Islamic Relief:
– For the Unseen:
– Karam Foundation:

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