..and the winner of 2015 Nagi Daifallah Social Justice Award is..

Flag Day 2015 15th Annual Orange County Celebration of our Flag
Saturday, June 13
12 Noon Lunch / 1:pm Program / Adjourn prior to 3PM

Nagi Daifallah Social Justice Award:  Rima Nashashibi

Chauncey Alexander Social Activism Award
(Bikers Against Child Abuse)
Gladys Mason Labor Award
Debra Hurd

Location: International Brotherhood of Teamsters 952 Union Hall
140 S. Marks
City of Orange, CA 92868
All American Menu
Suggested Admission $10 Complimentary for Veterans and First Responders in uniform
For tickets and reservations contact
72nd Assembly Democratic Alliance
P.O. Box 3628,
Huntington Beach, CA 92605
For additional information
visit our website:
www. 72ndada.com


On the morning of August 15, 1973, Nagi Daifallah, a young Arab member of the UFW died from injuries inflicted by Deputy Sheriff Gilbert Cooper of the Kern County Sheriff’s Department. Nagi had come to this country from his native Yemen looking for a better life.
Nagi was 24 years old when he was killed. He was 5 feet tall and weighed 100 lbs. Unlike many of his fellow workers, he had learned English and could communicate well. Many times he had served as an interpreter for UFW organizers, he was always very active in union issues and was known as a leader amongst the Arab workers.

At approximately 1:15 a.m. on August 15, a group of about 15 UFW members were present at the Smokehouse Café in Lamont, California. A Kern County Sheriff’s Department vehicle arrived. One of the 3 officers in the car, Deputy Gilbert Cooper, began harassing a UFW member and picket captain.

Deputy Cooper attempted to arrest the picket captain for disturbing the peace. Such an arrest was in keeping with the continued campaign of harassment and arrests of UFW picket captains by the Sheriff’s during the grape strike of 1973.

Protesting the arrest, Deputy Cooper, singled out Nagi and started harassing him. Nagi tried to get away and Cooper began chasing him as he ran north on the sidewalk. Deputy Cooper caught up behind Nagi and, without any warning to halt, swung a long, 5‐cell, metal flashlight and struck Nagi in the back of the head. Cooper, 6 feet tall and more than 200 pounds, delivered such a forceful blow to the 5 foot, 100 pound Nagi that he severed Nagi’s spinal cord from the base of his skull. Nagi fell to his knees from the viciousness of the blow and then crumpled face forward to the sidewalk, unconscious and bleeding profusely from his head.

Two Sheriff’s Deputies then turned Nagi on his back, seized him by the wrists and dragged him, head dangling and bouncing on the pavement, for sixty feet, leaving a massive trail of blood all the way. They left his body lying in the gutter near the rear door of the police car. Three other striking workers were arrested after their unanswered pleadings for the officers to call an ambulance for their fallen brother. After Nagi’s funeral service at the UFW Headquarters, thousands upon thousands escorted his body to the Bakersfield Airport for his burial in his homeland.

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