After the Taliban, Rohrabacher’s New Best Friend is Sisi

We all remember when Orange County Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher palled around with the Taliban decades ago. Things haven’t changed much except his new besties include Egyptian military dictator Sisi.

After he recently praised the widely-boycotted Netanyahu speech and urged Congress to invite Sisi, Rohrabacher just checked in Sharm El Sheikh resort (paid for by YOU, the American tax payer) on his Facebook page, where a large “economic” conference is being held.

A new capital city project was announced today and a multi-billion dollar contract with a UAE-based company was signed without any discussion in the Egyptian parliament.  The UAE was reportedly involved in financing the military’s takeover and ouster of elected-president Morsi.

VOTERS IN THE 48th District: STOP re-electing this idiot. 

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