OC Congressman Rohrabacher Supports Egypt’s Al-Sisi

Huntington Beach conservative Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher led a delegation earlier this year to meet with Egypt’s former general and likely winner in the upcoming presidential election AbdelFattah Al-Sisi.

He then announced that he will lead a new ‘Egypt Caucus’ to support Al-Sisi’s fight against what he called terrorist groups and said that other Members of Congress are joining him including my own Representative in Congress Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Santa Ana).

To find out about the purpose of new Egypt caucus I contacted the office of Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and requested a meeting with her or with a staffer, which was granted within a week. I then joined my colleagues with the newly-established National Alliance for Democracy in Egypt for a meet with the district director of Loretta Sanchez’ office in Garden Grove to urge the Congresswoman to refrain from supporting the military dictator, and hold off military aid to Egypt until human rights violations are addressed and concrete steps are taken toward a civilian-led democracy – an unlikely outcome under military rule. 

The district director of the Democratic Congresswoman assured us that the purpose of the caucus is not to support Al-Sisi or any specific faction in Egypt, rather it is simply a caucus that was set up to address developments in Egypt.

However, Rohrabacher later insisted via twitter that the caucus must support Sisi because what he referred to as “Islamofascism” must be dealt with by supporting Egypt’s military rulers.  Through a number of tweets responding to Mona Shadia, the former OC Register columnist, and myself, he ignored concerns with Egypt’s return to brutal military rule and championed Sisi’s position. 

Despite the fact that the current presidential election is taking place while a large number opposing parties, movements, and individuals are either in prison or in exile (including secularists), and the only other candidate has no chance of winning due to the lack of equal opportunity to campaign, Rohrabacher thought the elections were legitimate and free. 
“..when all the dust settles Egypt will be freer than if it would be as Islamic Caliphate,” said the Congressman who was the Taliban’s best friend back in the 90’s

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