Kafranbel Comes to Los Angeles this Weekend!

Two of Syria’s most renowned activists will be in the LA area this weekend: Raed Fares and Razan Ghazzawi. 

Raed Fares is the man behind Kafranbel’s famous banners, demonstrations and political cartoons. He is one the first to demonstrate against the regime in Kafranbel and organized several demonstrations in neighboring villages. The 41 year-old peaceful revolutionary continued to protest against tyranny after the regime sent its army to occupy and besiege the city and lived its liberation battle and covered it too day by day on his youtube channel. He was forced to leave his home and go underground along with other revolutionaries in fear of systematic detention which targeted many of his friends who aren’t released thus far. Raed is now the head of media center at the city of Kafranbel and he hasn’t left Syria ever since the revolution started in march 2011. He’s now publishing silent short films to describe the revolution and its outcomes after three years of the revolution. Raed is married with three children.

Razan Ghazzawi is a blogger from Syria who started blogging using an alias, Golaniya, when Israel launched a war against Lebanon in 2006. She blogged against racism towards Syrian workers in Lebanon, where she completed her master’s degree. Razan started blogging under her real name two years later advocating along many Syrian bloggers for freedom of speech in her country. When the Syrian revolution broke out in March 2011, Razan was among those who disseminated updates on demonstrations taking place across Syria using her real name. She was detained twice during the revolution due to her work with the Syrian Center for Media Freedom. Her colleagues, bloggers Hussein Ghrer and Hani Zetani and her boss Mazen Darwich, are still in prison ever since regime security forces raided SCM office in Damascus 16th February 2012. Razan received a Front Line Defenders award in 2012.

Sunday 12/22 – Holiday Inn – La Mirada
Sunday 12/22 – Claremont

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