Translation of Flyer Distributed by Salafists Outlining Reasons to Support the Draft Constitution

The Salafist Noor Party distributed flyers to deceive the Egyptian public encouraging them to vote for adopting a draft constitution that will pave the way for a theocracy that may discriminate between citizens.

Here’s my attempt to translate the content of the flyer:

Voting Yes means:

  • Paving the way to impose Islamic Sharia Law
  • Preserving the Egyptian identity
  • Establishing the ‘shura’ principle
  • Achieve social justice
  • Assuring rights and freedoms within our social norms
  • Preventing tyranny
  • Reduce the powers of the president
  • Economic prosperity, stability and strengthening state institutions
Voting No means: 
  • The principles of Islamic law will be nothing but ‘decor’ 
  • Our identity will be erased and we will be subjects of the West
  • Keep the executive and legislative power in the hands of one individual
  • Entrench inequality between classes
  • Loose our values ​​in the name of freedom
  • compromise the dignity of our citizens (state security)
  • Chaos and lack of stability

For background on the controversial stipulations in the draft constitution read this ‘Jadaliyya’ article.

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