More from Syrian- & Arab-Americans in Southern California

After several pro and anti Syrian government demonstrations followed by graffiti in Orange County & Los Angeles, the battle for Syria has moved to a popular e-list known as ‘ArabCalendar.’  The YahooGroup is a list of more than 1,500 users who promote events and discuss activities related to the Arab American community in the Greater LA area.
The discussion began after a post about a protest to support the Syrian revolution to be held this Sunday in Anaheim’s Little Arabia. Here’s a glimpse of what people are saying:

Farajissa1@… wrote:
do not bother yourself the game is over 

In a message dated 27/04/2011 11:05:31 Pacific Daylight Time, writes
 it is not over, it just begun.

In a message dated 27/04/2011 11:28:35 Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
Can you please be more clear and explain which “game is over?”

Farajissa1@… wrote:

  the game of destroying Syria writes:

It is a tragedy to describe the killing of more than 450 Syrian civilians
as a “game.” Remember that language often marks real attitudes. Do you
consider taking some many peaceful Syrian lives as something of a “game”
you may enjoy playing!

From: lina omran 

To support Syria, you have to prevent what may destroy everything beautiful in Syria. We are with democracy, freedom of speech, and against corruption, but we are also against leading the whole country into chaos, vacuum,  hatred, using religion to fight others, and ending up with another Iraq. All have the right for freedom and peace. Why cannot we move the country to reform in a civilized and organized way? Why provoking hatred through going back in history to the black spots? … wrote:
Lina thank you half of those speechless speekers  are not even Syrian it is better for them to talk about their own countries problems

From: Bassam Mahdawi: 

Greetings of Peace,,

When the French Revolution or the American Revolution or civil rights movement occured, no voices were recorded in history to have said these were chaotic movements who are uncivilized, in fact they created a civilization for future generations. Change is uneasy for someone not used to it, and makes some people to feel insecure. I sympathize with them and pray for them. What is not acceptable is for a discussion on freedom to turn into personal attacks of “real Syrians” or “foreign agents” these tactics claims are old and fall down by themselves the same way no anti-revolution voices are remembered from the French, American, Tunisian, and Egyptian revolutions.
The facts on the ground are that protesters are practicing their human right, since God created all people free, to peacefully protest oppression and corruption that has compounded the lives of Syrians for over 48 years. The struggle of the people is not primarily for economic reasons, but to restore dignity and honor that has been taken away for generations. The only one who IS causing chaos, vaccume, hate, promoting sectarianism, inticing violence, planting agents in extremist clothing and rhetoric, and indiscriminate killing is the regime in its entirety: the 15 security service agencies that occupy Syria and overrule the law and take things into their own hands. Syrians are fedup with being silent for 48 years cannot breath without the security questioning them, this is a struggle for democracy and respect for humanity. This is a human struggle with high morals and values that regime supporters seem to miss.
The facts is that Syrian regime has committed attrocities that are numerous to count: what matters today for Syrians is to move forward and stop the killing. People have chanted and spoke loud and clear, Syrians are against sectarian violence, sectarian speech, Syrian are all united together as one nation regardless of religion, sect, or ethnicity. The only one cause harm and killing people based on the sectarian background is the regime. The regime tried this tactic since 1963 by convincing people from the Alawite, Druz, Ismaili and Christian community that Sunnis want to kill them, the regime created this fear. But Syria’s history have always been a harmony between all of its people, and many people did not fall in the trap of the regime. People today from all parts of Syria and walks of life are calling for the security agencies that have killed over 600 innocent Syrians to stop the killing. Maher Asad should be tried publically along with all his commanders for killing Syrian people. Syrians want freedom and peace, the state want instability and hate. Syrians want a better Syria and the regime wants to keep things the same way.
The oppressor will go out of his way to defend his way of fighting the revolution from deception to fabrication, the regime has done this for too long and changing might be painful.. protestors have the truth to speak, the truth stands tall and will lead a transition from the Asad family and associates to the people..
You want to believe this great!, its your choice, history will not mention those who stand against the will of the people.
towards a ONE Syria for ALL Syrians not a backyard for an individual or a party
I send my love and greetings to those who agree or disagree with my point.

Sincerely Yours
Ammar Kahf , Syrian Emergency Task Force– LA


Dear Mr Ammar Kahf,
You cannot speak for us as Syrians. I lived in Daraa and know that many of those who are trying to protest are fanatics and they start by killing the security police bu using weapons smuggled from other countries. The government did gave them much more than they requested. What more do you need. You must  admit that the opposition for the government is not based on concern for reform, but sectarian intentions. Sorry to say, that many of the Sunnis  in Daraa are radicals, not all some are dear friends- not interested in reform rather sectarian violence. I am personally not Sunni nor Shia. Thus,  before you begin to protest, you need to be objective and not mislead the public . Toaday, the Syrian Govenment did announce more reforms and they are trying to change the constitution to match that of France, Britan and the US. Where in the Arab World can you find that? Please do use common sense and stop calling for more blood!
Dr Chedid

every decent freedom loving human being is Syrian today.
just like we were all Egyptians until the dictator fell … and we are all Libyans until Libya is free.
the dictator and his trolls will fall and to the trash dumps of history they belong.

It is interesting how the dictators and their supporters read from the same play book and speak the same language. Every Arab dictator used the excuse of fundamental islam to justify their brutal practices and the lack of freedom in their countries. Here you are using the same excuse to justify the bloody respond to peaceful movement for democracy.

The Syrian government does not want improve or change. They just want to stay in power forever. When they feel under pressure they go out and start making empty promises. They been in power for 42 years and they did nothing but strengthen themselves over dead basic human rights of their citizens.

They will never change and Syria will never know freedom or justice until they are gone.
your calculation is wrong 32 years for the father and now hopefully will have another 40 or more for the son because they brought security and stability to Syria plus the good people are enjoying freedom only the bad ones are bothered and now they have to live with it or leave it we do not want to go back 100 years behind with leadership of Muslim fanatics or experience the Iraqi situation .
We love freedom and democracy our way those who do not like it get out of it

From: Anthony Saidy :
   Thanks for saving the Syrian taxpayers. You inform the secret police by e-mail, saving them the cost of investigation. A true patriot.
    Everyone likes freedom – for himself. You are one of those. -AFS

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