1.5 million copies of ‘FATWA’ prohibiting protests distributed in Saudi Arabia

The state news agency announced last Tuesday that Saudi Arabia was printing 1.5 million copies of an edict by religious scholars outlawing protests in the kingdom as un-Islamic.
I got my copy yesterday. Eleven reasons were given on why protesting is “Haram” or forbidden in Islam. Here’s a summary:
  1. The two Holy Mosque are in Saudi Arabia therefore we have to protect them from anything that would cause instability
  2. Demonstrations (whether peaceful or violent) are incitements to disobey the ruler, which is forbidden according to Imam Nawawi
  3. Hardship and poverty require patience, they’re easier than lack of security!
  4. The prophet (pbuh) said “listen & obey” even if the ruler is unjust because he knows better
  5. The deviant ‘West’ does not want Sharia in Muslim countries and their influence on our neighbors (meaning Tunisia & Egypt) is the reason why their protesters did not ask to implement Sharia
  6. Protests ignite sectarianism & tribalism
  7. Instability in Saudi Arabia is instability to ALL Muslims following the Sunnah
  8. Security personnel would be obligated to intervene if different factions in society clash, which would mean Muslims fighting each other
  9. Protesting is not a tool for change, advising the ruler is what brings change
  10. The ‘West’ is waiting for instability to “absorb” our (natural) resources
  11. If you have food on the table and a place to live, it’s forbidden to cause chaos!

Most will listen and obey.

5 thoughts on “1.5 million copies of ‘FATWA’ prohibiting protests distributed in Saudi Arabia

  1. Abu Abdullah
    الخلفاء الراشدين تمة بيعتهم على الطاعة ما اطاعوا الله. وآل سعود تمة (بيعتهم) على طاعة مطلقة-تعبدية لا تصرف الا لرب العزة

    خرج عمر و حمزة في مظاهرة بمكة ولم ينزل وحي بتخطئة أو تحريم هذا الفعل، بل نرى أنها قد تصل إلى حد الوجوب بحسب الحال


  2. سيادة الشعب هي الأساس في كل بلد و يجب على كل حاكم ان يعرف ان استمراريتة و حب و طاعة شعبه له تبدأ بسيادة الشعب وليس سيادة الحاكم. اي سبل قمع وتحكم بالناس يولد ضغط وحقد و لا بد ان بأتي وقت و ينفجر هذا الشعب المضغوط


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