Rep. Loretta Sanchez on Egypt

Ever since the people of Egypt took to the streets and demanded dictator Hosni Mubarak to step down, many US politicians and elected officials have been having nightmares about the Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt, which is unlikely, and turning it to a theocracy.

I called the office of my congressional representative, Loretta Sanchez to urge her to speak up against Mubarak’s regime’s human rights abuses and to support the Egyptian people’s demand for democracy and freedom, then I asked if she had a position or a statement. The receptionist said she’d call me later with an answer and she did. Here’s what she had:

Representative Sanchez supports the Egyptian people’s call for free and fair elections at the earliest possible opportunity. The safety and human rights of those who are protesting peacefully should be protected. She wishes that a transition to a more open, participatory system will emerge soon in Egypt without further bloodshed. It is Representative Sanchez’ hope that regardless of the leadership chosen by the Egyptian people, Egypt will continue in the future to be a positive force for peace in the region.

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