Rep. King: Muslims not American when it comes to war

ThinkProgress reported today Islamophobe NY Congressman Peter King, in addition to previous anti-Muslim claims, said that American Muslims aren’t “American” when it comes to war. “[W]hen a war begins,” King said, every ethnic and religious group unites as “Americans.” “But in this case,” King continued, referring to Muslims, “this is not the situation. … Whether it’s cultural tradition, whatever, the fact is the Muslim community does not cooperate anywhere near to the extent that it should.” These comments were made when King joined anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney on Gaffney’s radio program last week.
In addition, AAI applauded Jeff Stein’s piece in the Washington Post yesterday, “suggesting that the shooting in Arizona may offer Congressman Peter King an opportunity to reconsider his ill-conceived plan to target the Muslim American community with hearings about ‘radicalization.'”

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