Hanania does not want to be my Facebook friend!

Looks like my response to Ray Hanania’s article hurt his feelings!

Before I responded to his “Take your census form and shove it” article, he requested my ‘friendship’ on facebook. I accepted.

He got some publicity in several blogs and newspapers including The Independent Monitor, and an interview with Zeyad Maasarani of In Focus News, an Anaheim-based monthly Muslim publication.

My response titled “Take your census form and fill it”, which I posted on my blog and was published in The Independent Monitor, pissed him off. A few weeks later I found out that Hanania deleted me from his facebook friends. As I’m searching online, I found this blog. check out this part:

Read the full original column that has Rashad al-Dabbagh, who works for the census, and some members of the Arab American Institute targeting me because I don’t agree with their laid-back lack of activism against this problem.

and this

Everyone one pimping and pushing for the American Arab community to “participate” in the U.S. Census are all PAID by the U.S. Government to tell us to fill out the census form.

Yes I’m paid by the US Census Bureau and proud of it. But make no mistake, by working for the Census as a Partnership Specialist to reach out to the Arab community I’m serving our community.

I guess Hanania’s best approach is to whine about it without taking real action. Again, the bottom line is, if you want to be recognized, fill out the form. You know that official Census number is about 1.2 million, when in reality the number is at least 3.5 million! Get organized and help us get on the form in 2020. In the meantime, check ‘other’ and fill in ‘Arab’ and be proud of it.

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