Jews do not rally to protest Arab and Muslim views? really?

A letter-writer submitted the following to the Orange County Register. Unfortunately it was published:

So the Muslim students are uncomfortable that an FBI agent may have been on campus. If they have nothing to hide, why the big deal? Of course, that’s always what they say, then a Fort Dix plot pops up. The last time I checked, UCI was public property and certainly open to law-enforcement agencies. I always hear that Muslims are expressing their right to free speech with these meetings and demonstrations, but they are always stirring the pot about Israel and U.S. positions in the Middle East, while suppressing the views of others who also have a right to free speech.
I never see Jews or Christians rallying to protest the Muslim views.
Maybe Jews and Christians should start having rallies and protests about Muslim atrocities around the world. The fact is that Islam has been persecuting Jews from the days of Muhammad and it will never stop. Free speech is not a basic premise of the Quran.
– Mike Lach of Irvine

I will not blame Mr. Lach for his lack of awareness on campus happenings since most media outlets do not cover event where members of the Jewish community disrupt events held by Arab or Muslim students.
The following are examples of Jewish disruption of Arab or Muslim events held at Cal State Fullerton:

There will also be a group who will be showing off a full-page ad display that shows up in this newspaper today. They use scare tactics and tried to pressure people not involved to go after Finklestein. They bring out horrifying photographs, and while they don’t purposely try to intimidate people, people fear them… But those protestors use paranoia and try in a state of desperation to get you to believe what they believe. This is also radical.

Throughout the talk, local Jewish Defense League representatives [including Shelley Rubin] screamed at Finkelstein for his take on the history and current status of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict… Some audience members who favored the Palestinian version of history shouted back at the sign-holding protesters, but most of the audience refrained from adding to the heated chaos that threatened to end the event early.

  • Israeli activist Adam Keller spoke at CSUF in Sep. 2004. Members of the Jewish community, again, screamed during the event in order to disrupt it. These incidents went unreported in this Daily Titan so-called “report”.

The fact remains that there are Jews protesting events held by Arab and Muslim student, with little to no media coverage!

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